I was inspired to create my card collection for many reasons. I wanted to design something that would bring joy to others, and help people connect with each other. I wanted to create something that would brighten another person's day. Also, I was inspired by the thoughtfulness a hand-written note brings.

A writer and editor for many years, I decided to leave 'desk work' behind, and head in a completely new direction. Determined to explore my passions for good, wholesome food and photography, I started taking pictures of some of the most inspirational things in my day—the fruits and vegetables in my kitchen. The images I got surprised me! And I was encouraged to keep shooting the contents of my refrigerator in new and (to me) exciting ways.

Having always written thank-you notes on plain white cards, I realized I could create an infinitely more interesting card by incorporating the photographs I had taken. My idea was met with enthusiasm by everyone I showed them to. Thus, my Love and Leeks Collection was conceived!

When you get right down to it, the most precious thing we have is each other. A little more love and appreciation is always a good thing! And you can be sure that when you take the time to write something special, your efforts will never go unrewarded.
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